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In our name, we give you a promise. Of RESOURCES. And right here we’re making good on that promise.

We know that navigating many things in life when you live with or serve someone with Autism can leave you looking for some help or guidance. And that’s what we are here for.

Our memberships are stuffed full of helpful resources. But we also have some helpful resources that are FREE and available to anyone.

Take a look at what we offer below. If you’re interested in seeing what benefits and resources are available in our memberships, click here.

Available to All for Free

What is Autism?

ASD Diagnostic Levels 

The History of Autism 

Autism 101: What to Do After Getting the Diagnosis 

Disabilities and Children Presentation

What is ARMS Community Presentation


*Members receive all downloads available within their membership at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

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In addition to the awesome benefits we provide our members, we also provide many helpful references and documents as well.

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Community Supporters Membership ($20/yr)

All FREE downloads listed at top of Downloads page PLUS

  • Being a Friend to Someone with Autism
Family/Individual Membership ($40/yr)

*Denotes download that is ONLY available through membership

All FREE downloads listed at top of Downloads page PLUS Community Supporters downloads PLUS:

  • Autism Orientation for Professionals
  • Autism 102: My Child Has Autism, Now What
  • Beware of False or Misleading Claims for Treating Autism*
  • Letter Requesting Evaluations
  • Letter Requesting Re-evaluations
  • Psych Evaluations for ASD*
  • All About Me by ARMS
  • ARMS Time Change Tips
  • ARMS Tips for Holidays
  • Children With Disabilities in Religious Ed July 11*
  • Emergency Preparedness Presentation
  • What Siblings Would Like Parents and Service Providers to Know*
  • Autism and Challenging Behavior
  • Behavior Data Collection Packet
  • Behavior Provider Tips and Resources*
  • Special Ed Behavioral Supports Act*
  • Toilet Training Eng May 12*
  • Token Economy Tips and Resources*
  • Visual Supports Nov 2011*
  • 504 vs IDEA Presentation
  • ARMS IEP Binder
  • ARMS Restraint Isolation Fact Sheet (TN)
  • Developing IEP*
  • Does School Provide Assistive Technology for Home Use – IDLER Assistive Tech Letter OSEP*
  • IDEA and Discipline 8-23-06*
  • Letter Requesting Assistive Tech
  • Letter Requesting IEP
  • Letter Requesting School Records
  • Navigating IDEA and Autism
  • Prior Written Notice (PWN) ARMS
  • Restraint and Isolation in TN Schools
  • Special Ed Behavioral Supports Act*
  • What to Do When the School Says No
  • Homeschool Requirements in Arkansas
  • Homeschool Requirements in Kentucky
  • Homeschool Requirements in Mississippi
  • Homeschool Requirements in Tennessee
  • Basic Communication Board
  • TN Autism Equity Act (AEA) Public Law*
  • TN Autism Equity Act (AEA) Breaking it Down*
  • TN Autism Plan 2014*
  • Feeding – Sample Menu*
  • Feeding Do’s and Don’t’s*
  • Feeding Therapy Favorite Tools*
  • Feeding Therapy Further Reading*
  • Feeding Therapy – The Mealtime Dance*
  • Feeding – Sample of Food Groups*
  • Medication Flowsheet
  • Captain Germ Fighter Book #2*
  • Differences Between Being a Conservator, POP, and Supported Decision Maker
  • VKCLEND – Plan Life After High School Sept 11*
Professional Membership ($80/yr)

*Denotes download that is ONLY available through membership

All FREE downloads listed at top of Downloads page PLUS Community Supporters downloads PLUS Family/Individual downloads PLUS:

  • Autism Orientation for Professionals
  • EMS and Autism
  • How Can Churches Support Those With Autism
  • Screen Chart (Pediatric Copy)*