Providing SupportAdvocacy, and Education for all affected by Autism.

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The Professional Membership includes the following:

Downloadable PDFs that are FREE to everyone (including non-members), which include:

  • What is Autism?
  • ASD Diagnostic Levels
  • The History of Autism
  • Autism 101: What to Do After Getting the Diagnosis
  • Disabilities and Children Presentation
  • What is ARMS Community Presentation

PLUS Downloads available in Community Supporters (Leaders) Membership, which include:

  • Being a Friend to Someone with Autism


  • Autism 102: My Child Has Autism, Now What

Evaluations for Autism & Related Disorders

  • Beware of False or Misleading Claims for Treating Autism*
  • Letter Requesting Evaluations
  • Letter Requesting Re-evaluations
  • Psych Evaluations for ASD*

Additional Parenting Tips

  • All About Me by ARMS
  • ARMS Time Change Tips
  • ARMS Tips for Holidays
  • Children With Disabilities in Religious Ed July 11*
  • Emergency Preparedness Presentation
  • What Siblings Would Like Parents and Service Providers to Know*

Behavior Therapy and Behavior Tips

  • Autism and Challenging Behavior
  • Behavior Data Collection Packet
  • Behavior Provider Tips and Resources*
  • Special Ed Behavioral Supports Act*
  • Toilet Training Eng May 12*
  • Token Economy Tips and Resources*
  • Visual Supports Nov 2011*

Working with Schools

  • 504 vs IDEA Presentation
  • ARMS IEP Binder
  • ARMS Restraint Isolation Fact Sheet (TN)
  • Developing IEP*
  • Does School Provide Assistive Technology for Home Use – IDLER Assistive Tech Letter OSEP*
  • IDEA and Discipline 8-23-06*
  • Letter Requesting Assistive Tech
  • Letter Requesting IEP
  • Letter Requesting School Records
  • Navigating IDEA and Autism
  • Prior Written Notice (PWN) ARMS
  • Restraint and Isolation in TN Schools
  • Special Ed Behavioral Supports Act*
  • What to Do When the School Says No


  • Homeschool Requirements in Arkansas
  • Homeschool Requirements in Kentucky
  • Homeschool Requirements in Mississippi
  • Homeschool Requirements in Tennessee

Speech Therapy and Communication Tips

  • Basic Communication Board

Laws and Additional Resources

  • TN Autism Equity Act (AEA) Public Law*
  • TN Autism Equity Act (AEA) Breaking it Down*
  • TN Autism Plan 2014*

Feeding Therapy

  • Feeding – Sample Menu*
  • Feeding Do’s and Don’t’s*
  • Feeding Therapy Favorite Tools*
  • Feeding Therapy Further Reading*
  • Feeding Therapy – The Mealtime Dance*
  • Feeding – Sample of Food Groups*

Doctor Appointments and Tips

  • Medication Flowsheet

Fun Activities

  • Captain Germ Fighter Book #2*

Transition to Adulthood

  • Differences Between Being a Conservator, POP, and Supported Decision Maker
  • VKCLEND – Plan Life After High School Sept 11*


  • Autism Orientation for Professionals
  • EMS and Autism
  • How Can Churches Support Those With Autism
  • Screen Chart (Pediatric Copy)*

*Denotes download that is ONLY available through membership